Ami die Lila

From deep Arrow or above, webs of colors,
lose themselves in ever more expansive surfaces,
a game and fight at the same time the compression and loss of color,
in all directions, erkämpfend a space
is flooded
Pros vordenkliche time
thrown back on my insides,
the their way freibahnt the viewer and ultimately myself.
Action painting is for me to go into action with myself,
experiencing my deep heart,
tiring me of the illusions of life,
to let it flow,
to beat it,
to caress it,
to go with me to the limits of my different feelings,
to cry,
to laugh,
to scream
dancing-volatile, free,
feel-honest schön- beautifully honest.

  • CLIENT Ami die Lila
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID Abstract Art
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